• Funfest Summit

    #Funfest16 exceeded our expectations . . .

    Yesterday was a first for Little Bean and me, we went to FunFest blogger summit at Whittlebury Hall near Northampton for the first time. I wanted to attend last year but unfortunately it coincided with a family occasion. FunFest is the only bloggers conference where you are actively encouraged to take your children with you so I […]

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  • Missing my blogging buddies . . . 1

    Missing my blogging buddies . . .

    As bloggers we are very lucky to meet a whole new world of people, some stay as just faces on a blog, others become faces you meet at events and if you’re really lucky you get to make some very special friends along the way. There are a number of people who I have met […]

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  • Attending #BritMumsLive with a baby . . . 2

    Attending #BritMumsLive with a baby . . .

    Hoards of women, a handful of men, cute babies, big brands, PR’s, oodles of information, lots of laughter, food, drink and a fair few tears. What am I talking about? #BritMumsLive that’s what! In the lead up to the event I had thought that I wouldn’t be attending because I wasn’t sure about going with […]

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