• 3 Promising NBN Service Providers to Watch out for

    With more addresses across the country getting approval to obtain NBN connections, the race among different service providers has become fierce. Every company, be it a multinational conglomerate or locally-operated, is trying its best to have a maximum customer acquisition in the domain of NBN services. Around 93% of Australian population is active internet user. […]

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  • Family

    I am the boss!

    Well at least that’s what I tell the children!! I do have to laugh a little because when the children are being less than angelic with each other when playing in each others’ bedrooms I will hear either one of them say “when you’re in my bedroom then I am the boss” – oh how […]

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  • MobiData – saves you money, keeps you connected, keeps you secure online! 1

    MobiData – saves you money, keeps you connected, keeps you secure online!

    If someone were to ask you what you would like from your Mobile Broadband, what would you say? Low cost High speed Secure connection Reliability No long-term contracts Well now your prayers have been answered because MobiData is here offering you exactly that! MobiData offers you ultra-low cost mobile broadband from just 99p/GB per month […]

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  • Why the internet is this ‘Mum’s best friend’ 2

    Why the internet is this ‘Mum’s best friend’

    For modern Mums like myself, the internet is a necessity. I use the internet EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I use it to check my emails, to manage the family diary, pay bills and even to do my grocery shop. I check up on symptoms when one of us is poorly in the middle of the night (although I […]

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  • How to choose the best mobile phone plan for your kids 3

    How to choose the best mobile phone plan for your kids

    Once the technological territory of parents and teenagers, mobile phones now appear to be hitting primary school playgrounds too. According to suggestions from a recent study published in the Daily Mail, today’s youngsters now head out the door with a handset six years earlier than their peers of a decade ago, with children receiving their […]

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  • Holly Willoughby

    Windows 8 Phone and lunch with Holly Willoughby

    The last time I had my hands on the new Windows 8 Phone was at it’s launch before Christmas when I was heavily pregnant with Jelly Bean. I had been impressed with the phone at the time and remember tweeting that my current Samsung Galaxy S2 just wasn’t quite cutting the mustard for me anymore. […]

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  • Not so mobile Mum!

    For the past month I have felt like my right arm has been chopped off.  In my bid to save some money I decided to stop paying for internet usage on my mobile phone because my phone has been playing up and just wasn’t doing what I needed it to.  I used to receive all […]

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  • MiFi for Mobile Mums

    Being a work at home mum is great, it means that I get to spend lots of valuable time with my children.  I use “work” at home in a rather loose sense of the word.  I do a small amount of invoicing for an old work colleague on an “as and when” basis and have […]

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