• Double glazed panes

    Explore the Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Using Double Glazed Windows

    Double glazed windows refer to two layers of glass compressed or sandwiched between layers of vacuumed gas. The layers are then sealed all together in an air-tight manner. Double-glazed windowpanes are highly durable and sturdy. These panes provide twice the amount of insulation as compared to the single-glazed units. Helping You Understand the Advantages and […]

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  • Sash Windows

    Let Your Windows Showcase Your Home

    Did you know that your windows truly do showcase your home? One of the first things that people notice when they look at your house is going to be your windows and how they look. Isn’t it time to take care of your windows and let in that bright and beautiful outdoor light? Keeping up […]

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  • Blinds

    How To Improve The Look Of Your House Using Outdoor Alfresco Blinds?

    Outdoor alfresco roller blinds or shades are an excellent option when it comes to covering doors or windows. These are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colours. These provide a number of benefits including safety and privacy, adding enhancements and style, and overall improvement of the house. Considering that summers are getting […]

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  • Cortana

    Putting Cortana to the test

    I have told you previously about the wonder that is Cortana but I’m still discovering new ways of making her work for me. Since moving to Windows Phone in 2013 I am now completely converted and the addition of Cortana has cemented that. Being a busy work at home Mum I have a lot to […]

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  • Lenovo Miix2 2

    Lenovo Miix2

    We do love our tablet PC’s in the Mummy Matters household. Personally I think they are a great starting point for the whole family from young to old because of their ease of access and handy size. My new best friend is the Lenovo Miix2 which runs Windows 8.1. I know there are mixed feelings […]

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