• choosing a pushchair

    Tips for choosing a pushchair

    One of the most exciting things for me when finding out I was pregnant was choosing all the baby kit we would need. The problem I soon found was that there was just sooooo much choice, how would I know I was making the right decision or not. Buying a pushchair isn’t exactly ‘cheap’ so […]

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  • Stokke Sleepi

    The best baby equipment I never used . . .

    I don’t know about other new Mums and Mums-to-be but when I was expecting Little Bean I used to trawl the Mother and Baby magazines drooling over the gorgeous prams, pushchairs and nursery equipment that I hoped I would one day own. It was a bit like when putting together a scrapbook of ideas for […]

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  • Loving the latest pushchairs for 2014 . . . 1

    Loving the latest pushchairs for 2014 . . .

    As Jelly Bean celebrates his 1st birthday exactly one week today I am already starting to count down the days until my pushchair days are over. Some people aren’t bothered by pushchairs at all, some feel they are just a mode of transport for our precious cargo but for me, I LOVE pushchairs. It’s not […]

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  • Kiddy Click n Move 3

    Review: Kiddy Click’n Move3

    A few weeks ago I attended a meeting with only Jelly Bean in tow, he was travelling in his Kiddy Click‘n Move3 with the carrycot attached. The person who was I was meeting asked me what I thought about the new Kiddy travel system, but before I could answer they said “well there’s no point […]

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  • Review: Maxi Cosi Mura Plus Pushchair 2

    Review: Maxi Cosi Mura Plus Pushchair

    Have I ever told you how much I love blogging? Well, I do, it has opened up so many doors for me and my family and given us opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have had the privilege of. One of those opportunities is the chance to test out all kinds of products that fit in with […]

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  • Kiddy City 'n' Move

    Kiddy City ‘n’ Move Stroller Review

    Since September Beanie Boy has had a new mode of transport in the form of the Kiddy City ‘n’ Move Stroller. As a general rule I am not a big fan of umbrella strollers, I find they are more functional than fashionable and for the most part quite flimsy but the City ‘n’ Move is […]

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  • Review: Cybex Baby Bag 3

    Review: Cybex Baby Bag

    When I received an email asking if I would like to review an item from the Cybex Baby Range I assumed that it was a new brand launching in the UK as I had never heard of Cybex before. I asked the question and was really surprised to learn that actually Cybex has been around […]

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