Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro – Group 2,3 Isofix Car Seat

When choosing a car seat for your little ones it’s important to find one that most importantly is safe for your child but is also easy to fit because if it’s not fitted correctly then it won’t do it’s job as well as it should. Kiddy took this into consideration when they designed their car seats and so have made them super easy to fit.

With the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro you don’t have to mess around with seat belts behind at the back of the seat, in just 4 easy steps your child will be safely secured in their seat.

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

1. Pop out the Isofix arms by pushing the tab (A) underneath the front of the seat.

2. Locate the Isofix fittings (B) on your car* and then push the Isofix connectors (D) onto the bars until you hear a click.

3. Push the car seat back towards the car seat to secure in place. The car seat is now securely attached to the chassis of your car

4. The child is fastened into the seat with the adult restraining belt which is then secured above the shoulder in the clips (C) which allow the belt to move freely whilst keeping the tension against the child.

5. Remove the seat by sliding the black tabs (D) at on the side of the Isofix bars towards the front of the seat, pull the seat forward and retract the Isofix bars by pulling on the hanging tab (E) at the front of the seat.

To demonstrate how easy it is I ask Mr MummyMatters to show you how easy it is to install and remove, in total this took just 46 seconds!! Not bad eh?!

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