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Review: Kiddy Click’n Move3

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting with only Jelly Bean in tow, he was travelling in his Kiddy Click‘n Move3 with the carrycot attached. The person who was I was meeting asked me what I thought about the new Kiddy travel system, but before I could answer they said “well there’s no point asking you, you’re a Kiddy Ambassador you’ll just say you love it anyway!”. Well, it’s just not true. The whole point of writing reviews on my blog is so that I can tell the honest truth about my thoughts on new products. If I don’t like something I will say so and I have said so in previous posts. However, I am also aware that something which is a negative for me, can be a positive for someone else. It would be dull if we all loved the same things.

Kiddy Click’n Move3

Kiddy Clickn Move3

So, what is the Kiddy Click‘n Move3? It’s a versatile 3-in-1 pushchair/travel system with a lightweight aluminium frame. From birth you can use the chassis with the Evolution Pro Infant Carrier car seat as a travel system (more on this later) and the carrycot and then as your baby grows you can move to the buggy seat.


Kiddy Clickn Move3

Out of the box the Click’n Move3 was well packaged and straightforward to put together; just slot the wheels into place you’re ready to go. When folded the frame isn’t as compact as some other chassis’ but it will stand by itself which is great for storage and you can easily remove all wheels if you need the chassis to be smaller. To open the chassis you just press the small grey button which can be seen just above right of the writing on the side, once the button has been pressed you simply pull on the handlebar and flick as the chassis unfolds and locks into place. There are only two things that I would change about the chassis; I feel the handlebar is actually a little too long and needs to be adjustable, I feel too far away from Jelly Bean – that said, after using it for over a month I have grown accustomed to it now. The other slight negative is that I think the rear wheels stick out further than on some other chassis’ because I have crashed it a few times going through shop doorways (but that could just be the sleepless nights!).

Underneath the chassis is a large shopping basket which can be zipped closed so it’s great for keeping valuables out of sight or to protect the contents from the Great British weather! The front wheels are lockable, all tyres are puncture resistant and the parking break is easily operated with one foot. The handlebar has an adjustable top end which rotates up and down to suit the height of the person in control. Hubby and I are both over 5’8” and this is a great height for us in the middle position so it is suitable for people both taller and shorter than us.

Kiddy Evolution Pro

Kiddy Evolution Pro

On first sight the Evolution Pro is a large infant carrier and I will admit I was a little daunted by it but now that I have been using it for over a month, I love it. The best thing about the Evolution Pro is the lay-flat function. I have always had big issues with travel systems for days out, I think travel systems should only be used for short journeys because it isn’t healthy for a baby’s back to be in the inclined position for a long period of time. With the Evolution Pro when it is not strapped into the car you can rotate the carry handle backwards which moves the seat into a lay-flat position meaning it is better for baby’s back. The curved base of the Evolution Pro also means it can rock gently to soothe a sleepy/grumpy baby. When using the Evolution Pro for the school run it’s handy if Jelly Bean falls asleep because rather than transferring him and risking waking him up, I can just put his seat into the lay-flat position once back in the house and he can sleep comfortably until he is ready to wake.

Kiddy Evolution Pro

The Evolution Pro has a slightly larger seat base than most infant carriers meaning it can be used up to the age of 15 months. For premature or smaller babies you can purchase the Newborn Inlay to provide comfort and support.

When securing the Evolution Pro into the car, the seat belt fits the same as on most infant carriers however at the back there is a cover which hides away the seat belt to keep the lines of the seat fluid.

Pros of the Evolution Pro;

  • Lay-flat position for a healthier back and happier baby
  • Large seat area
  • Rocking motion – very smooth
  • The high sides of the outer shel – most infant carriers only have the shell half way up the back.

Cons of the Evolution Pro;

  • The rear cover is a bit ‘plastic’ and I feel cheapens the seat
  • Personally I don’t like the hood which attaches to the handlebar, however I do like that it comes further forward than most so the sun doesn’t get in his eyes when travelling by car.
  • To remove the Evolution Pro from the Click’n Move3 chassis you have to depress two buttons on either side of the seat at the same time whilst lifting, once you get the knack it’s ok but it could definitely be better.

Kiddy Click n Move3 Evo Pro

When attached to the Click’n Move chassis in the lay-flat position the hood is automatically pulled out of the way so baby is left open to the elements. I wasn’t too keen on this initially but you can purchase an umbrella which attaches to the Evolution Pro (and other strollers). The umbrella offers UV80+ protection and has two sections which can be adjusted to get into the correct position. There is also a rainshield called the ‘Rain-Mosquito Cover’ due out later this year which is specifically for the Evolution Pro.

Kiddy Carrycot

Kiddy Click n Move3 Carrycot

When I received the Kiddy Click’n Move3 I was most excited to receive the Carrycot because I like using an actual ‘pram’ for my new baby, especially as we are approaching/in summer (allegedly!!). Not having to strap him into a seat means that he doesn’t get so hot and can move around more freely. The Carrycot has a brilliant hood which extends further forward than hoods on most carrycots to offer better protection from the sunshine but if you don’t want to pull it so far forward there are studs on the inside which can be snapped together to keep the hood further back. The Carrycot has a soft base which squashes down really flat (approx 6 inches) so it’s great for storing in the boot of your car along with the chassis. When you need it all you have to do is push the retainer bars into place and you’re good to go. The retainer bars also have rubber feet meaning the Carrycot can be placed on the floor and used a ‘Moses’ basket if necessary (great for holidays).

Kiddy Click n Move3 3

The only thing that I don’t like about the Carrycot is the straps can’t be easily secured out of the way so very often Jelly Bean will start playing with them and end up looking like this!

Whilst Jelly Bean is still only 5 months I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out the Buggy Seat but if you head over to Mellow Mummy you can read her review of the Buggy Seat.

In summary, I DO love the Kiddy Click’n Move3, the few negatives far outweigh the positives and it has become my travel system of choice as I am able to leave the chassis and Carrycot in my car boot all of the time using the Evolution Pro as a travel system for school runs and the Carrycot for days out.

To find out more about the Kiddy Click’n Move3 and it’s many colourways pop over to the Kiddy website.

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DISCLAIMER: I was sent the Kiddy Click’n Move3 with all three seating options free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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