Kiddy Adventure Pack

This month (well actually last month) Mr Mummy Matters was challenged to test out the Kiddy Adventure Pack by using it to transport Beanie Boy to the top of a steep hill. Now we are all for a good challenge but we live in Lincolnshire – the flattest county in the UK so the first challenge was even finding a hill. Then on a recent trip to Lincoln to visit friends I remembered Steep Hill – perfect, we could combine it with a trip to the Cathedral and Castle for the children and have a fun family day out.

The Kiddy Adventure Pack is easily adjustable to fit the wearer comfortably and all straps are padded to distribute the weight evenly. Before we left the house we had a practice with Beanie Boy to see what he thought to it and to adjust his seat to fit him perfectly. I think you can tell from the smile on his face that he loved it! There are handles on the top and just between the shoulder straps to help you lift the Adventure Pack onto your shoulders if you are alone. Once the shoulder straps are in place you can secure them with a chest clip and then fasten the waist belt to distribute the weight around your hips.


We spent 4 hours in Lincoln trekking around with Beanie Boy in the Kiddy Adventure Pack and he didn’t moan about it once, although he did have cold hands so we had to buy him some gloves but that was honestly the only downside to our day. We stopped for lunch (and obviously took him out but even that wasn’t a problem because the Kiddy Adventure pack folded up flat and stood behind one of our chairs. Sooooo much easier than taking a buggy out and look, Daddy still had two hands free to carry Little Bean too – aren’t Daddies great!

Kiddy Adventure Pack

I’m so pleased that we decided to use the Adventure Pack for his day out as it gave us so much more freedom than if we had taken the buggy. The grounds of Lincoln Castle are mainly laid to grass with many tight stairways up to the Castle Walls which we definitely wouldn’t have been able to have done with the buggy and even inside the Prison and Chapel we would have had to carry the buggy up and down countless flights of stairs. I think Beanie Boy liked his view of the world too from up there – its definitely a winner for the Mummy Matters family and will be a staple piece of equipment for holidays/days out in the future.

The Kiddy Adventure Pack recently received great reviews in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine which you can see here.

For more information about Kiddy click here to visit their Facebook page.

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