Ferry Meadows with Friends . . .

Ferry Meadows

Monday was a day of outdoor fun again with our besties. This time we hit Ferry Meadows in Peterborough equipped with our scooters and a sense of adventure. The visitor centre at Ferry Meadows gives out free bags of bird food so that the children can feed the ducks, swans and geese. The older children … Read more

Geocaching saved the day!


Our Summer holidays officially began on Wednesday at approximately 3.15pm when I collected the Beans from school. The plan had been to head to the local beer garden with a bunch of Mums from our year group but unfortunately the rain put paid to that idea so I cultivated a new plan to celebrate the … Read more

Fun and frolics at Fineshade Woods

Fineshade Woods

The Mummy Matters household is feeling a little jaded today, we’ve had a full-on weekend with my Sister and her beautiful family who came to stay with us for the weekend. Living a little over 3 hours away and all with busy lives we don’t get to see each other as often as we would … Read more

Me & Mine – A walk through the Bluebells (Rutland Water)

Bluebell Woods

Spring is perhaps my most favourite of seasons, new life is springing, new flowers are growing and even in the darkness of a woodland floor you can see a carpet of bluebells which look so beautiful. I have been so busy just recently with one thing or another I haven’t had a chance to share … Read more

Saturday Snippets – 04/04/2015

Saturday Snippets

{Feeling} mixed emotions this week, I started off the week feeling positive and looking forward to having the Beans at home for two weeks. I had plans for all the things we would do but it didn’t get off to a good start at all. The Beans were demonstrating their most challenging behaviour which brought … Read more