• Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    How to Protect Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    Nothing brings the holiday spirit to your house like the perfect outdoor Christmas decorations. Decorating your home is one of the best activities to enjoy with your loved ones during the holiday season. With colourful lights and shiny Christmas trees all around you, this time of the year can make you feel like you’re a […]

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  • #CrackingValue

    Christmas with Poundland #CrackingValue

    I am no stranger to Poundland, tending to go there once or twice a month to top up the home shopping, buying brands names at, you guessed it £1!! (Although you can also buy some great value items for a little bit more). I make big savings on crisps, biscuits, snacks, cereals and household cleaning. […]

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  • Christmas Crafting: Light Bulbles 1

    Christmas Crafting: Light Bulbles

    No don’t worry I haven’t made a start on the mulled wine and I haven’t forgotten to use the spell checker, I meant to write ‘Light Bulbles’ because that’s what you call it when you cross a Light Bulb with a Bauble. Shall I explain further? A few days ago I was asked if I […]

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  • Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up! 2

    Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up!

    Christmas is only 12 weeks away and I am sure its comes around quicker each year. This year will be a very special Christmas for us as it will be Jelly Bean’s first Christmas and we are really looking forward to celebrating it with all of our family at home as that has been the […]

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  • Let Notcutts light the way this Christmas . . . 3

    Let Notcutts light the way this Christmas . . .

    As soon as the festive season begins, we have a little ritual that we do most evenings when out and about in the car. We drive a different way home from school/shops to go “Christmas spotting”. The tiddlers love it and it helps to get them into the Christmas spirit as well as giving me […]

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