Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up! 1

Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up!

Christmas is only 12 weeks away and I am sure its comes around quicker each year. This year will be a very special Christmas for us as it will be Jelly Bean’s first Christmas and we are really looking forward to celebrating it with all of our family at home as that has been the tradition for each of our baby’s so far.

Tesco Xmas

When you have young children, Christmas takes on a whole new level of ‘special’ and meaning, I really can’t wait for this Christmas to come and I have been making plans since way back in the summer before the schools even broke up for the holidays. Yes, way back at the beginning of July I was invited down to London to see what Tesco have planned for Christmas 2013. There is something quite surreal about walking from a busy London street on a scorching summers’ day into a hotel to be greeted by a Christmas wonderland. I can only assume it goes some way to be like Christmas in Australia??

Anyway I digress! When it comes to babies Christmas is very much a visual thing so I want to bring a Christmas wonderland not just into our lounge but our kitchen, hallway, dining room and bedrooms. Being so young I think that Jelly Bean will be attracted to the twinkling lights, I really love the white lights and the classic styles of this range. The tiddlers would really love the light up houses which would look great as a centre piece for a display and the bird cage card holder would be a great way of organising cards whilst keeping them out of reach of little fingers!!

Tesco Xmas

I’m quite a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas so I really love to see lots of red and wreaths. My usual door wreath has been hanging on the door for the past six or seven Christmasses and has definitely seen it’s best day so I was really drawn by the red bauble wreath which would look striking on our white front door. I also like to have individual tree decorations, just little one-offs, I prefer them not to match too much. I love the red beaded love-heart and the kitsch dogs would go down a storm with the children too!!

Tesco Xmas

Owls hold a special place in my heart which I link to my gorgeous children so I was very taken with the white owl tealight holders, they would look gorgeous on a cold winter’s night. And when it comes to dining, nothing oozes style quite so much as a high quality dining set is glossy white. This set is edged in silver which adds to the festive feel.

Tesco Xmas

Not being much of a foodie I wasn’t going to have a look around the food stands but then a few bloggers who I ran into told me that I should definitely stop by the chocolate display and I can see what they mean. Tesco have really gone to town this year on their confectionary gifts, I particularly loved the retro radio gift tin and the teal chocolate drawers. If you’re anything like me you like things to have a dual purpose, I like to buy gifts which can be used again and again. The drawers would be ideal for storing jewellery, writing paper, craft materials or make-up. My other favourite is the savoury biscuit tin which looks like a piece of slate which cheese embossed on the top.

Tesco Xmas

For the ladies in your life there are oodles of gifts to choose from for a spot of pampering, I’m a big fan of the Barbara Daly range of make-up, all great quality and really competitive prices. With so many beautiful gift sets to choose from, you’ll struggle to stick at just one!

Tesco Xmas

Our hair – it’s our crowning glory isn’t it?! Well I certainly know that if my hair looks bad, I feel bad. A bad hair day can really get your day off to a rough start so make sure your loved ones day always gets off to a good start with some of the gorgeous haircare range from Leo Bancroft. Oh go on, treat yourself too whilst you’re at it!

Tesco Xmas

It’s hard to think of Tesco as ‘just a supermarket’ when it is so much more. Whenever I need anything, Tesco is one of my first ‘go-to’ places because they have such a varied range of everything. When it comes to Christmas gifts, the choices just go on and on. Something for him, her, the children, the grandparents – hey even the neighbours could get a look in!! I really loved the traditional range of toys for children but of course, Tesco also stock a HUGE range of all the latest gifts and gadgets for children.

Tesco Xmas

I could show you photographs all day long but that doesn’t compare to looking for yourself so head down to your local Tesco store or pop online and see what they have to offer and make sure that you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas!


  • Mari

    October 3 at 1:43 pm

    I’m going to spend a fortune in Tesco this season, there is so much to choose from, gorgeous photos – it’s not that far off now is it?

    1. IamMummyMatters

      October 3 at 10:41 pm

      Oh don’t say that, as soon as Christmas is over with it will be Jelly Bean’s FIRST birthday, I just don’t know where his first year has gone!! That said, I am looking forward to his first Christmas x

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