• Eggs Benedict

    Get ready for Easter with Sainsbury’s

    Yes that’s right folks, Easter is just around the corner and I can smell the chocolate – oh yes I can!! In the past we have celebrated with family, we have been away for a weekend at Center Parcs, had days out to the beach, or just kept it quiet at home. I’m not too […]

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  • Hedgehog birthday cake

    Delicious Hedgehog Birthday Cake

    When I became a Mummy, I decided (against my better judgement) that I should make all of my Bean’s birthday cakes until they asked me not to. Now I love baking and have done so since I was a teenager and I enjoy baking with the Beans but decorating cakes really isn’t my forte. I […]

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  • Minecraft Cake

    Minecraft Birthday Cake for Curly

    As Curly’s 13th Birthday approached I knew there was only one birthday cake I coud even consider making for him, a Minecraft one! Minecraft is taking over our house, it started with Curly but even Little Bean and Beanie Boy are jumping on the bandwagon now. I had a quick look around on Pinterest for […]

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  • Halloween Chocolate Cake

    A Halloween inspired chocolate-orange cake . . .

    Looking out of the window today it’s wet, miserable and grey but I don’t care because I’m snuggled up inside, cosy and warm and I have this just calling out my name . . . We had a pretty quiet weekend in comparison to most we have had recently. Yesterday Little Bean and I popped […]

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  • Jam Recipes

    A sticky situation: Making Jam!

    As much as I hate cooking, I LOVE baking and dabbling with the ‘sweet stuff’. One thing I have always fancied having a go at myself but had never got around to was making Jam. On Sunday, Beanie Boy’s birthday of all days, I finally found the time to give it a whirl. I had […]

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