WIN Personalised Children’s Nursery Rhyme Book

Nursery Rhymes Book

As a child, I would have my Mum read my Nursery Rhyme book to me repeatedly at bedtimes. I couldn’t get enough of them. Even as I grew up, I couldn’t bring myself to give it away, so I kept it for my own children, and they have loved it as much as I did. … Read more

Gifts for Kids: What do you buy for other people’s kids at Christmas?

Gifts for Kids

Buying for your own children at Christmas, that’s the easy bit! You spend heaps of time with your own children so you know exactly what they want (plus if they write a letter to Santa then you have a cheats list to help you). When buying for other people’s kids; nephews, nieces or friends, it … Read more

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

You might think it seems a bit odd that I’m writing about First Birthdays again when our youngest, Jelly Bean, is approaching his third birthday in January but our beautiful God-Daughter has just turned one and our very cute neighbour also turns one in the next week and so it got me thinking about how … Read more