Fun Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower (or several baby showers), you may be at a loss for gift ideas. New parents can always use the basics, but you want to be a little more creative and do something fun and memorable. Then look no further. Just check out the delightful possibilities below.

Baby Shower Gift

First, consider filling a basket with baby clothes. You can purchase several sizes and styles from a baby clothes online boutique that offers unique options and cute designs. If you know the baby’s gender, you can gear your choices toward that. Otherwise, there are plenty of neutral options available. Include clothes the baby can grow into over the next year, and provide play clothes and dress-up styles.

Don’t neglect the basket, either. That can become storage for stuffed animals or other toys, or the parents can use it for diapers and other necessities. So, purchase one that is a good size and will hold plenty.

New parents often have the best intentions of creating scrapbooks to mark their child’s infant months. But they usually find that they are far too busy. So give them a head start by creating a scrapbook for them. Using colorful paper, stickers, and other embellishments, make up several pages for a 12 by 12 or 8 by 8 scrapbook and insert them into sheet protectors. All the parents will have to do is add their favorite pictures.

Baby Shower Gift

If you have a flare for the artistic, you could create or purchase a piece of nursery art. A beautiful painting or photograph will light up any room, and it will also give the child something to look at and appreciate over the years. Don’t get anything that is too “babyish.” You want a picture the child can grow into. You might consider the family’s interests or settle on a natural scene with plenty of color.

A scrapbook and nursery art are delightful personalized presents that a family will love, but there are many other options for personalization. You could, for instance, have a new baby’s name embroidered on blankets or clothing. But you might also gather up fabric swatches from family members and make them into a patchwork quilt or teddy bear. Record who gave each swatch and what the fabric came from, whether it was one of Grandpa’s old shirts or Grandma’s kitchen curtains. The result will be a beautiful keepsake.

Gift Card

Finally, since new parents are usually short on money and time, consider purchasing various gift certificates as a baby shower gift. You might include offerings from grocery and discount stores but also throw in certificates that reflect the parents’ interests. Add a certificate for a restaurant to encourage the new parents to take a night out for themselves. If you can’t afford purchased gift certificates, create your own, offering a night of babysitting, a meal, and/or a housecleaning session.

Any and all of these ideas would make for a thoughtful baby shower gift that new parents will greatly appreciate. So get your creativity going!

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