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7 Essential Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is the perfect way to give the mother-to-be the perfect send off before she starts her journey into motherhood. Choosing a gift that is not just practical but thoughtful can be extremely difficult.

Here are the must have gifts for any baby shower.

Pamper hamper

Make a hamper of items perfect for mum. Include bath bombs, lotions, face masks, and massage oils etc. so she can still have some ‘me time’ when the baby’s born and look and feel fabulous.

Baby information book

This is a great way for the soon to be mother to record every milestone in her new babies life. She can record her child’s first steps, first word, keep a lock of hair, first tooth etc. Children love to know what they were like as baby so this gift will be special forever and can be passed through to further generations of the family.

Medicine supplies

All babies have times when they are sickly or unwell. Giving mum some medical accessories such as a medicine dropper, thermometer, suction bulb, baby medicines etc. is a practical and extremely beneficial gift idea. These items mean the mother-to-be isn’t just prepared, she has peace of mind.

DVD’s, trashy novels, chocolate

These gifts are perfect for when mum is doing those late night feeds and keep her entertained (and awake!)

Restaurant/hotel vouchers

Becoming new parents is the most stressful time in any couples life and spending time together rarely happens. Give them the night off and buy them vouchers for restaurants or babysitters. Almost every restaurant provide a voucher scheme and it’s a thoughtful touch to send them somewhere that means something to the couple e.g. restaurant of their first date.

Baby monitor

Nervous first time parents will appreciate this gift to give them peace of mind when bed time arrives. This will give them peace of mind, particularly when sleeping in separate rooms. Monitors can be both video and audio to give even more awareness of their baby’s wellbeing and movements.



Out-and-about kit

There are so many things to use and buy when becoming a new parent and chances are when taking the new born out of the house, they will forget something. Prepare an essential out-and-about kit containing nappies, lotion, formula, small toys etc. to give them the peace of mind and avoid the shopping trip from hell.

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