• Ear wax removal

    Ear Wax Removal – The Importance of Having It Done

    If you’re ready to tackle the ear wax buildup in your ear, Auris Ear Care is ready and waiting to help you. They not only have experience in treating both children and adults but they have over 10 years of experience doing so as well. As important as it is to know that you need to have […]

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  • Lifestyle medicine

    What is Lifestyle Medicine and How Does it Work?

    Treatment and reversal of chronic diseases have taken a new direction by deviating from the traditional practices and treating it with Active Edge functional medicine, also known as Lifestyle Medicine. Although named Lifestyle Medicine, it does not depend on medicines at all but instead focuses on diet and lifestyle corrections like including whole food and […]

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  • Improve your family's health

    5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Family’s Health

    When you have a family, taking care of them often comes before taking care of yourself. However, your own health plays a big role in your ability to be a great parent. Starting right now, you can make some changes that will improve your health as well as the health of your children and partner. […]

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  • Relaxing bedroom

    4 Ways to Create a Sleep Routine for Your Family

    Children who develop healthy sleep habits while they are young are more likely to stick to them as adults. As a parent, you may also be dealing with a lack of sleep that makes it hard to manage all of your responsibilities during the day. Dealing with sleep issues as a family is the best […]

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  • Family Health - Holiday Season

    Keeping Your Family Healthy During the Holiday Season

    Fall is a time of sweaters, crackling fires, warm cups of cider, and a smorgasbord of delicious cold-weather treats. The number of comfort foods only continues to rise over time until the holidays arrive with a myriad of delectable — albeit unhealthy — culinary favourites in tow. On top of that, as the weather steadily […]

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  • Medical Bill

    What Is EOB In Medical Billing Services?

    Have you ever wondered why does an insurance company provide an EOB statement whenever you visit your health mentor? EOB: EOB stands for “Explanation of Benefits” __ it is a statement that is sent by a health insurance company to covered individuals that describes the information about the medical treatments and services provided by the health mentors […]

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