Use Aromatherapy to Be Present as Summer Holidays Ends

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Can the Summer Holidays really be coming to an end already? They have flown by far too fast for my liking and I am not ready to hand my children back over to their respective schools, there is still far too much fun and adventure to be had. Don’t worry, I haven’t been drinking or had a bump to the head. I really have loved having my Beans at home with me this Summer, we have made so many amazing memories and it hasn’t been half as stressful as I anticipated. Now it could be because they have grown up a little, it could be because I have been a calmer parent or it could just be a miracle.

What have we done differently?

Happy family

My focus since the beginning of this year has been to work on being ‘calm’. It doesn’t always work but come on, I’m still human, everyone has a bad day every now and then. In my efforts to remain calm this year I have been trying out a few new things to help.



I have been using these Aromatherapy products which were gifted to me by Scentered and include a Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Tin and a SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Travel Candle. The mini-balms are the perfect rescue kit to keep in my handbag for when I need to stop, breathe and just remember how I want to be. They are 100% natural and made using moringa and shea butter which provide a long-lasting fragrance for full benefit. This means they are also good for the children; Lillie uses HAPPY so she can start her day right and DE-STRESS when she has become frustrated. Just a quick rub on the wrists and temples, a deep breath and we both feel better.

The SLEEP WELL candle has been our sleep saviour. Throughout the Summer holidays, I work when the children are sleeping which can mean a few late nights. This can lead to my mind being in overdrive when I get to bed and find it hard to switch off. The Sleep Well candle is a sophisticated floral lavender blend with Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood, which are balanced by the Bois de Rose and Geranium. Finally, Patchouli, Clove and Ylang Ylang heart brings a modern oriental twist. For the children, I have found burning the candle in my room whilst we are reading bedtime stories helps to relax them after a busy day together.

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Bullet Journal with pens, stamp and washi tape

Earlier this year I started attending workshops run by Karin at Imperfectly Happy which I have found so helpful. At the workshops, Karin explained how creating Vision Boards and Journalling can help to find your focus, your calm and generally get you heading in the right direction. These workshops really struck a chord with me and I have continued to do quarterly vision boards and daily journaling. Sometimes just putting pen to paper is enough to get the words flowing and your thoughts falling right out before your eyes. You begin to see what it is important and what can be let go to make space for something better. Have you tried journaling?


Kindle Paperwhite

Having 3-4 children to entertain as well as work from home, it’s not always easy to find a space minute in the day to open a book and read but this Summer I told myself that I was allowed 30 minutes each morning before I get out of bed to be still and read. I have found that I now look forward to these first 30 minutes of each day and sometimes squeeze in the odd 10-15 minutes when I get the opportunity during the day if the Beans are busy and don’t need my 100% attention.

Being Mindful

Sunset over beach

As I said at the start of this post, there have been the odd times when I have felt stressed out or over-stimulated but during these moments I have stopped, taken a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second so that I can take in my surroundings and then slowly open my eyes to see how many things I can see and name. Often this is just enough to calm my beating heart and get myself back on track. I have made the effort to not constantly say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ to my children but to focus on the positives and increase the praise. I have heard it for long enough but do you know something? It works!

How will you be ‘more present’ as these last few weeks of summer come to a close?

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18 thoughts on “Use Aromatherapy to Be Present as Summer Holidays Ends”

  1. Like you I’m really sad the holidays are almost over and not just because it means I have to go back to work.
    It has been a lovely 6 weeks with my boy.

    I have never tried aromatherapy in any form but my mum swore by it. Might have to check this out x

  2. we love using aromatherapy at home as well ! the smells have really calming effect on my husband helping him to relax and unwind Kind regards Pati Robins at style squeeze blog

  3. When we were going through a huge reorganisation at work they brought in some Mindfulness Coaches to help the senior management team and we were all a little sceptical at first but were very surprised at how it helped

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