5 Reasons to Keep a Diary

Diary writing can be useful for lots of people – that’s why many famous people keep diaries. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Marie Curie have all been known to keep journals. Since a diary is a very personal work of writing, there are no rules for how you write in yours. You can use it to journal daily events, to vent, or as a bullet journal. No matter what you use your diary for, it can be helpful to have one. Here’s why:

1. A Diary is a Healthy Outlet for Emotions

5 Reasons to keep a diary

Let’s be honest – your friends and family won’t always be there for you when you need them, and therapists usually only meet with their clients once a week. When your loved ones are busy or just don’t have the patience, a diary can help you let your feelings out in a healthy way. Use your journal to weigh out the pros and cons of a situation, to write a letter to someone without sending it, or just to get things off your chest. Remember, no one has to see it!

2. Commit Goals to Memory

5 Reasons to keep a diary

Writing things down helps people remember things better than not keeping any record of it. This is especially helpful to those who want to make a list of goals and tasks. By writing them down in a diary, you’re committing to those items on paper. You’ll be able to look back on them as often as you want to remind yourself of the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals.

3. Remember Random Things You Hear

5 Reasons to keep a diary

Have you ever heard a hilarious joke, but forgot the punchline an hour later? With a diary, you can write down things you hear that you’d like to remember but might slip your mind due to their lack of importance. A diary can also be helpful to remember the name of a book or a movie someone recommends you, a topic you’d like to research online, or a quote you heard.

4. Diaries Can Be Outlets for Creativity

5 Reasons to keep a diary

A diary doesn’t just have to contain writing – you can use it to draw graphs, sketches, and anything else. In fact, many people who use diaries for bullet journaling create beautiful, colourful spreads. Your diary can contain mood trackers, weekly planner pages, and positive messages.

5. You’ll Always Find Reasons to Be Grateful

5 Reasons to keep a diary

Many people use their diaries as a daily gratitude journal. By writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day, you’ll likely start to have a more positive outlook on life. Use your diary for just this purpose, or tack on gratitude prompt to your entries!

Keeping a diary isn’t just for loners and writers. Anyone can benefit from a diary, and it can be used however you want. You can use any notebook to start your diary, so grab some colourful pens and get started today!

5 Reasons to keep a diary

16 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Keep a Diary”

  1. I haven’t committed to a proper diary but I always carry a notebook with me to jot down ideas I have or random musings. I much prefer a pen and paper too.

  2. The most important thing for me for having a diary is it helps me with my memory! I forget so many things and it is nice to look back and say actually we did this etc etc. I wish I was better at it though! x

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