Jamie Oliver teams up with Moshi Monsters to inspire kids to get cooking

Butternut Squash Muffins

Do you struggle to get your kids into the kitchen? I have to say that isn’t one of my difficulties, my problems start once the food hits the table – even if they have made it themselves. Moshi Monsters has recently teamed up with Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver to inspire kids to get cooking and … Read more

Learning to read – #30waysin30days


Do you feel confident in teaching your child to read? It’s quite a daunting prospect, afterall, it’s a long time since we learnt to read and they do it all so differently these days. I had never even heard of a phoneme until Little Bean started school. Research by LeapFrog has found that almost half … Read more

Hatch ‘n’ Heroes – the Easter Egg alternative

Hatch 'n' Heroes

When you have four children in the house you can stack up quite a mountain of chocolate over Easter and then if you add to that all the sweets they get given throughout the year at Birthdays, birthday parties, events, Halloween then it’s a whole load of sugar which I would rather not actually contemplate. … Read more

Learning Resources Smart Toss

Learning Resources

Beanie Boy’s favourite game at the moment is his Smart Toss from Learning Resources. Quite simply it’s a Bean Bag tossing game with lots of different learning possibilities. I love to have activities around to keep them active during the winter months because my Beans are active little monkeys so they need to have activities … Read more

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” . . . “Nope, we want to build a den!!”


Well, to be fair it IS Autumn and there isn’t much snow around, plus we haven’t got magical powers. BUT we have got an imagination and that’s all it takes (ok plus a few random materials from around the house) to make a den!! I have to admit that building dens with my children was … Read more

A Mother and Son day at Warwick Castle with Mike the Knight

Mike the Knight

We don’t get to do it as often as we would like to, but Hubby and I recognise the importance of giving each of the Beans some quality one-on-one time with us, so last weekend, that’s exactly what we did. Jelly Bean spent the day with Nanna, Little Bean, and Daddy had a busy schedule … Read more