• Preschool

    Beanie Boy’s First Day of School

    Well it finally came, Beanie Boy’s First Day of School. Being a late September baby has meant that Beanie Boy has started school a year later than many of his Preschool friends and whilst I felt that it was a shame initially, I think in the long run it will do him good because he […]

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  • #MummyMattersSummer2015

    #MummyMattersSummer2015 – Dinosaur Adventure with Beanie Boy

    As the Summer holidays were fast approaching I had promised Beanie Boy that we would have a day out together just me and him before he started school in September. A kind of celebration of our time together, something I had done with Little Bean before she started school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do […]

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  • Kelly Bunk Bed

    A bedroom makeover wishlist for our boys . . .

    Just before Jelly Bean was born we had to have a bedroom switch around so that Beanie Boy could share the largest of the children’s rooms with Jelly Bean. Bearing in mind Beanie Boy had only just turned 2 years old himself we decorated the room like a large nursery in pale blues and greens. […]

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  • #CherryGoodPicnic

    A Cherry Good way to spend a day!

    As the school year was coming to a close my boys and I picked up our friends Karin and Sammy for a Mothers and Sons day out in Oxfordshire. We had been invited to a Summer Picnic at Q Gardens Farm in Abingdon by Cherry Good juice to celebrate National Cherry Day. Followers of my […]

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  • Beanie Boy

    There’s a change in Beanie Boy . . .

    I’ve been a little spoilt with Beanie Boy being a September baby because it has meant that I got to spend an extra year at home with him before he heads off to Primary School. He has been going to pre-school since he was two, initially just two mornings a week and then eventually 3 […]

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