• #30waysin30days

    Learning to read – #30waysin30days

    Do you feel confident in teaching your child to read? It’s quite a daunting prospect, afterall, it’s a long time since we learnt to read and they do it all so differently these days. I had never even heard of a phoneme until Little Bean started school. Research by LeapFrog has found that almost half […]

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  • Hatch 'n' Heroes

    Hatch ‘n’ Heroes – the Easter Egg alternative

    When you have four children in the house you can stack up quite a mountain of chocolate over Easter and then if you add to that all the sweets they get given throughout the year at Birthdays, birthday parties, events, Halloween then it’s a whole load of sugar which I would rather not actually contemplate. […]

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  • Hospital

    Beanie Boy’s traumatic visit to A&E

    After the high of a lovely day out with my Mum shopping on Saturday (a delayed opportunity to spend our Christmas pennies), Sunday came crashing down. The morning was pretty normal, we just stayed around the house getting the cleaning and tidying up done and then had a stressful trip to do food shopping in […]

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  • Learning Resources

    Learning Resources Smart Toss

    Beanie Boy’s favourite game at the moment is his Smart Toss from Learning Resources. Quite simply it’s a Bean Bag tossing game with lots of different learning possibilities. I love to have activities around to keep them active during the winter months because my Beans are active little monkeys so they need to have activities […]

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  • #TowerPoppies

    We made it to the #TowerPoppies

    Our visit to London last week offered up the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to the #TowerPoppies. From the moment that I saw them online I knew I had to pay them a visit. On the one hand they are beautiful sight to behold but on the other hand it’s so sad to think […]

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