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Easy Tips To Keep The Kids Entertained On Long Journeys

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Pink Lining Travel Bag Review

Pink Lining Travel Bag Review 1

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The Land of Sometimes Review and Competition


Every now and then I get something to review which I absolutely love and this is one of those times. I have mentioned previously that all our children love music and they all go to bed listening to it and so I am always happy for them to have something new to listen to. Last week The Land of Sometimes landed on my doormat and a whole new magical world has been opened up at bedtime.

The Land of Sometimes Review and Competition 5


Over the ocean, far away, there is a magical place called ‘The Land Of Sometimes’ where four seasons pass within one day, and everyone who lives there has a song…

Join Elise and Alfie, be daring enough to make a wish, and explore the magical ‘Land Of Sometimes’.

The Land of Sometimes is an audio storybook for children aged 2-99 which was released on CD on 6th February. As the story unfolds you are introduced to the characters by way of their own unique songs from Little Twink to The Frosty Fish, River Slouch Sling and more besides. The eccentric characters join you on the magical journey which is universally appealing. All genres of music are covered from reggae to disco, Irish folk, poetry and New Orleans jazz.

The Land of Sometimes is a perfect tool to open up your child’s imagination and make a refreshing change from the usual nursery rhymes. This is a CD which we can enjoy together in the car to make a long journey more relaxing or snuggled up at bedtime, my personal favourites are Dare Make a Wish and What Colour are YOUR days? Little Bean has been listening to it for less than a week and she is already singing along to many of the songs and talks of Elise and Alfie randomly throughout the day.

When the CD has finished the magic doesn’t have to end there, on the website there are images of all the characters, downloadable activities and a map of the Land of Sometimes to really bring the tale to life. If you want to purchase a copy of the CD yourself you can do that from the website too, I guarantee you will not regret your purchase!

Competition Time!!!

I like to look after my readers so now I have the opportunity for one of my readers to receive their very own copy of The Land of Sometimes and the competition could not be more simple.

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