iCandy Emilia Changing Bag

iCandy Emilia

In the words of iCandy; The East West bag is the special edition from the Bag Collection; The Emilia in patent takes inspiration from the beautiful English actress, Emilia Fox and finds elegance and freshness in classic English design. A key part of the initial design stage involved working up ideas that captured Emilia’s personality … Read more

Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 10

Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 10 1

Little Bean had a ‘fish themed’ day at Playscheme today. Today was the first day she had been a little disappointed by playscheme because she said she didn’t really get to ‘make’ anything. Nonetheless she still managed to do lots of drawings. In the afternoon we went for a ride out in the car and … Read more

Pink Lining Travel Bag Review

Pink Lining Travel Bag Review 2

I might not be your average woman when it comes to shoes but bags?!? Well that’s a different kettle of fish altogether, i LOVE bags. Big bags, little bags, handbags, changing bags . . . . So when it came to packing my hospital bag ready for Jelly Bean’s grand entrance I needed to find … Read more

Packing my Yippydada Changing Bag for Hospital

Packing my Yippydada Changing Bag for Hospital 6

I should start this post by apologising, I actually videoed this before Christmas (hence the big Christmas tree backdrop!) but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how to get the video from my camera to my computer!! Anyway, my brain finally caught up and I have managed to download the video to share … Read more