Do you exaggerate about your cultural experiences? You’re not alone . . .

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We’ve all been there, having that conversation in the hairdressers or networking. It starts out as a friendly chat about travel, theatre trips and other such cultural experiences but nobody wants to be the ‘dull’ person in the room so a little white lie here and there can’t do any harm can it? Keeping up … Read more

British Motorists will drive 556,764 miles in their lifetime

Female driver

The average British motorist will clock up a staggering 556,764 miles, fork out £168,880, have 1,935 rows – and 2,709 episodes of road rage in their lifetime, according to new research. Researchers studied British motorists revealing the average lifetime of driving, with the typical driver spending nearly seventy thousand pounds on fuel over the course … Read more


How do you book your holidays?? Do you still trudge down the high street to your local travel agents and flick through their brochures? Do you trawl Teletext in search of the perfect break? (Do people even still use Teletext???) or do you search all the holiday sites online to find yourself the holiday of … Read more