067/366 – A soggy day in London . . .

Singing In The Rain

Beanie Boy and I were back down in London again today but after yesterday’s lovely walk from Kings Cross to Central London, today was the total opposite. It rained persistently, in the words of Peter Kay, “that fine stuff that gets you really wet”. Today we walked from Kings Cross all the way down Shaftsbury Avenue and it was not a pleasant walk. Beanie Boy was quite happily snuggled up in his Stokke Xplory with his footmuff and raincover on whilst Mummy was getting soaked outside in the rain. I had to take this photograph as I rounded the last corner before I reached my destination because it couldn’t have been more apt for the day. I wasn’t exactly singing but it certainly was raining and Beanie Boy loved the big bright display of umbrellas.

Still we had another fun day and Beanie Boy was the perfect travel companion as always, no matter what the weather he never fails to bring a smile to my face!

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