It’s #NationalTeddyBearDay on Saturday 9th September

All of our Beans had their first Teddy Bear before they even took their first breaths and they still love their bears as much today as they did when they were little. Each one of the Beans has quite the collection of teddy bears but each bear holds it’s own special relationship with them and … Read more

How to get a teen off a screen with Bladez Quad Racer and Missile Launcher

The Problem We all have them, I’m sure of it? The teen who grunts at you if you dare speak to them, barely acknowleding your existence or worse still, that of their younger siblings. They stare at screens! Computer screens, games consoles, TVs and if you suggest they might like to get out in … Read more

LeapFrog young learners into Christmas

We have been fans of LeapFrog learning toys for many years now and they just keep on getting better. Here are two of our most recent additions which we believe will make great gifts for your young learners.

#XmasGiftGuide – Gifts for a 7-10 year old

First sewing machine

Shimmer and Sparkle Sewing Machine The Shimmer and Sparkle Sewing Machine is a great ‘my first sewing machine’ and comes packed with lots of features. The machine comes pre-threaded and includes a safety guard to protect little fingers. With two speed settings, it operates using either a footpedal or by button. Just like a full … Read more

~XmasGiftGuide – Gifts for 4-6-year-olds

My First Flyer

No longer preschoolers, children’s tastes from 4 years old tend to look to be like their older peers. This is definitely the case when you have older siblings to look up to. Here’s a selection of gifts at a range of prices to excite your little one’s growing mind. My First Flyer My First Flyer … Read more

Calling all Star Wars fans it’s R2D2 and BB8 #ImAThinkingToy Twitter Party


Star Wars and I go way back, right back to my late teens when I first began watching the movies and I loved them. I wanted to be Princess Leia, my cousins and I would try to style our hair just like hers, obviously I wouldn’t be seen out in public like it now but … Read more

What to buy for children under 3 years?


When you don’t have children yourself or you don’t see young family members regularly it can be difficult to know what to buy for the little people so I’m putting together a quick gift guide with suggestions for what to buy for children under 3 years. Playmobil 123 Range The choices are endless when it … Read more

Making the Beans’ day with PLAYMOBIL Pirates

Playmobil Pirates

The Beans are loving being Playmobil Playologists for the second year running and our second surprise box was a definite winner for all three. We are nearly two weeks on from when they first opened the Playmobil Pirates and it is still being played with daily. He won’t appreciate me telling you this but our soon-to-be 15 … Read more

High-flying Playmobil Adventure with ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ playsets

How to train your dragon

Fire-breathing dragons will soon soar through the universe of PLAYMOBIL. The popular toy brand announced a licensing agreement with DreamWorks Animation on “How to Train Your Dragon,” with a collection of original PLAYMOBIL sets due to be released in fall 2017. For the first time ever, PLAYMOBIL’s 2017 product line will include licensed playsets inspired … Read more