021/366 – A tearjerker

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It’s fair to say that my relationship with Curly has struggled since Beanie Boy came along, not because I love him any less or because Curly is jealous of Beanie Boy but suddenly I struggled to find time (and I know that I am totally wrong for this). Beanie Boy has been very much a Mummy’s boy and he takes up a lot of my time. Little Bean has become a Daddy’s girl (most of the time) and so then when Curly has been at home with us I think he has wondered where he fits into the family and it is something which Hubby and I have been making a big effort to rectify recently. But one thing which Curly has said that he misses is quality time with me so I am trying to do more with him when I can.

He loves playing games on the Wii so I have been making more of an effort to play games with him, he has a few card games which he particularly enjoys so now once we have put the two tiddlers to bed Curly gets to stay up so that we can have a few games of cards just the three of us and one thing that Curly and I both have in common is a love of music. We have quite similar tastes and Curly just like me only needs to hear a song once and he will remember all the words. When I am cooking tea at night I put my stereo on in the kitchen and have a good old sing and dance to whatever music has taken my fancy that day. At the moment my music of choice is Bruno Mars, which both Beanie Boy and Curly love too. One night this week I was dancing in the kitchen with Beanie Boy resting on my shoulder when I spotted a face peeking around the corner of the kitchen door so I told Curly to come on in and join us, he shot to my side put his arms around me and we danced together to the end of the song when he quickly raised up to give me a kiss on the cheek before running out of the room. A little while later he came back to the kitchen with this – and yes it made me cry!

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