Organise your life with FAN: Full Adhesive Post-It Notes 1

Organise your life with FAN: Full Adhesive Post-It Notes


Post-It Notes have long been a favourite in the workplace and at home, they are just so flipping useful! But there’s always space for something a bit different isn’t there?! Well now Post-It have launched FAN known as Full Adhesive Notes which means the whole note will adhere to a clean, sound surface such as the fridge door, your laptop, windows and more for longer. I have been sent a couple of packets of the FAN notes as part of the FAN Post-It #fulloflife challenge where I have been asked to come up with at least three uses for the FAN notes which I wouldn’t use an ordinary Post-It note for.


Because the FAN Notes stick fully for longer they are perfect for labelling drawers like these. This is my Craft Cupboard which has long been a disorganised mess but slowly I am getting there. I recently purchased the drawers and now that I have labelled them I can find what I am looking for in an instant.


We like different methods of learning, I think it keeps the children on their toes and makes things more interesting for them. I have created a FAN Clock on our kitchen door and move the hands of the ‘clock’ to the common times that we do things so that the children will begin to learn the time e.g. 7pm BEDTIME!!!!


I love my Beans but they are a ‘spirited’ bunch to say the least, they certainly keep me on my toes so I am always looking for new ways to help them to monitor their behaviour and keep them working towards a happy house. I made these Reward Charts for Little Bean and Beanie Boy which have symbols covered in the multicoloured FAN on which I have written motivational words/phrases. They remove a FAN when they have demonstrated behaviour which I am happy with. Depending on which symbols they have revealed they either need to wait to reveal other matching symbols for their reward or if they get the sweets symbol they get a sweet straight away! So far it seems to be working nicely. This is really easy to do and as I have laminated the base cards the FAN will not remove the ink when removed so they can be used over and over again.


How many times have the children run into the patio doors on a sunny day? It happens I’m afraid so how about decorating your patios doors with FAN, every time you get fed up of your design just move them around to create a new one OR just use the FAN to create your own cheap and colourful works of art for decoration.


Finally I have stuck a pad on my fridge door so that I can make a note of things which need buying and another on the side of my computer tower because I can never find a piece of paper when I need one.

This evening we had a visitor in the form of my Sister-In-Law who is a Junior School Headmistress and she was very impressed with the FAN Post-It Notes saying that she would use them for her students to stick in their workbooks to write their own reflections of their progress as normal Post-It Notes are easily knocked off.

So now you’ve seen them, what would you use FAN for?

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