097/366 – Reward charts work!

Reward Chart For a little while now we have been struggling with Little Bean’s behaviour, she’s not overly naughty she just chooses not to listen to instruction, she whinges and she can be an argumentative little so and so when it comes to playing nicely with her brothers so after talking to various parents we decided to give a reward chart a go. We are now into our third week and it has worked superbly.

Mummy Matters If she is especially helpful with something or is good at sharing with her brothers then she gets a sticker, if she behaves well at mealtimes and eats without a fuss then she gets a sticker and various other things of which I’m sure you get the picture. If she doesn’t follow instructions, hurts her brothers, is argumentative with us or is overly whiney then she gets a sad face. We are trying to aim for only one or two sad faces a day but to be fair to her I would say at least three out of seven days she actually manages to get no sad faces at all.

At the beginning of the week we let her decide on what her reward will be at the end of the week. The first week she chose a sleepover at Nanna’s which she loved, last week she wanted her own pot in the garden to plant some seeds and this week she is working towards a trip to a soft play centre and she is pretty well on her way to getting that too.

The outcome for us has been a much nicer, happier little girl who has lavished all the attention she gets when she earns her stickers. If you have any issues with your little one and you haven’t tried a reward chart, give it a go, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You could even get your little one to help you to design it.

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