I’m a little bit happy that Baby Bean is under the weather

That probably sounds awful I know but please let me explain! Usually, Baby Bean is very much like Mummy, fiercely independent, always on the go – far too busy to just sit and have a cuddle! But at the moment thanks to the four front teeth that have finally decided to make an appearance in the last couple of weeks I think she is feeling a bit sorry for herself, a little bit weepy and very much a mummy’s girl.

This afternoon she has hardly left my side and has spent most of the time just cuddling up with me on the sofa, I LOVE IT!!! Finally, I get to do what I’ve always wanted, just cuddle her to bits and for her to want to be cuddled. 

My poorly girl

I'm a little bit happy that Baby Bean is under the weather 1

For as long as I can remember I dreamt of being a mummy and always in my dreams I envisaged my child/children running to me with open arms wanting a big cuddle – but no, not my Baby Bean. Normally if I try to cuddle her she says “no-no” and pushes my arms out of the way.

I wouldn’t say I necessarily feel rejected because I know that she loves me but it still feels pretty rotten! Our poor kids can never win really, one minute we want them to get out from under our feet and be independent but the minute they do we want them to be our babies and “need” us again.

So you see I’m not really a mean mummy but I’m loving these cuddles, so although I don’t want her to be really poorly,  I quite like that she’s not feeling 100%!!

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