Beanie Boy’s first bug!

Yesterday, my adorable little man turned 7 weeks old! Time seems to be flying by – can you believe it? It’s hard to grasp that next week, he’ll be 8 weeks old and due for his first vaccinations. These milestones are bittersweet; they remind us how quickly our little ones grow.

Beanie Boy’s first bug!

However, yesterday was not just about milestones; it marked the start of a challenging chapter in Beanie Boy’s life. He woke up with a barking cough and a runny nose. As a mother, this is the part I find most difficult. It’s heart-wrenching to see your tiny baby suffer and feel somewhat helpless in easing their discomfort. Yet, even amidst his coughs and sniffles, Beanie Boy keeps smiling, which just melts my heart.

There was a lighter moment this morning, though, that brought a chuckle. During a sneezing fit, Little Bean adorably declared, “Mummy, he’s got the bless you’s!” Moments like these are just priceless and a sweet reminder of the joys of parenthood.

3 thoughts on “Beanie Boy’s first bug!”

  1. Ahh no, poor liccle man. We think C has chicken pox – at last! Noticed the spots after he went in the bath. Fingers crossed he’s going to be ok with it – wish me luck!!!

    • I do wish you luck, I hope Little Bean would have it before Beanie Boy showed his face but it didn’t happen. Definitely don’t want them to get it now. Hope it doesn’t bother him too much xx

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