8 Ways For Mum To Get More Rest

New Mum

For many new mothers, motherhood is not as calm and peaceful as ads make it out to be. The reality is that many new mums are sleep-deprived, and the sleep deprivation often starts during the last months of pregnancy. Newborn babies don’t develop a sleep routine until they are several months old, leading to chronic … Read more

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan

The Happy Healthy Mum Plan

For me, becoming a Mum is the most amazing achievement in my life. It’s the one thing that I dreamt of growing up and I feel lucky to have not one but three beautiful children of my own and being step-parent to one fantastic step-son. I always considered myself quite lucky to have Will in … Read more

A GP’s Guide to Breastfeeding for New Parents World Breastfeeding Week 2018


By Dr Tom York, dad-of-one, NHS-registered and private GP for GPDQ, the UK’s first doctor-on-demand app Breastfeeding has various advantages over formula feeding; it’s free so helps save parents and the NHS money. It’s healthy, the antibodies found in breast milk cannot be replicated in formula milk and give your baby an important early boost to … Read more

Staying Happy and Healthy as a Stay at Home Mum

Stay at home Mum

The average working mother would dream of being able to ditch their jobs and stay home with their children. They wouldn’t have to answer to anyone, worry about tight deadlines and cranky co-workers, the morning commutes and long company meetings. They could simply focus their efforts on raising their children, tending to the house, and … Read more

7 Reasons Why We Need To Help New Mothers Get More Sleep

mother and baby

When you bring children into the world, there are certain sacrifices you have to make. For the first few years of the child’s life, this often means losing out on your usual eight-hours of sleep per night. Ask any new mum and she’ll probably say that the sleep deprivation is worth it, but there are … Read more