Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Mums

New mothers spend a lot of time co-sleeping and sharing sleep schedules with their infants. Finding bedroom decor ideas that cater to both mother and baby only makes sense. Setting up your infant’s nursery that takes into account how to make your own job easier is going to make a world of difference as you set your space up.

There are a ton of decor ideas that work great for new mothers – whether it’s finding the best foam mattress for back support or choosing colours that will put both you and your baby to sleep faster, you’re going to have a ton of options to pick from when planning out the bedroom.

Sleep Accessories That Make Midnight Feedings Simple

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If you’ve never tried one before, foam mattresses can transform your sleep hygiene completely by introducing a new level of comfort to your sleep routine. New mothers can especially benefit from the use of foam mattresses since they’re able to provide a sense of comfort and support through their sleep.

New mothers, in particular, require extra back and body contour support during their sleep. Foam mattresses are especially great for providing this sense of comfort, not least because they’re able to contour to the shape of your body.

The best foam mattresses will also be specifically engineered with total comfort in mind. This includes using cooling technology to ensure you aren’t overheating through the night and keeping things feeling nice and comfortable throughout the night.

When you’re researching the best foam mattress to be used in your baby’s nursery, considering things like mattress size and quality is incredibly important. If you don’t plan on co-sleeping with your baby but want an extra bed in their nursery just in case, a smaller foam mattress will provide just as much comfort without taking up extra space.

Use Colours That Add A Sense Of Calm

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If you’ve found a foam mattress that fits you perfectly and you’re looking to integrate different kinds of colours back into your space, then using bedroom colours to try and implement this can be really effective.

Lighter shades tend to have a more calming effect than darker, more saturated tones. Finding a balance between the lighter and darker elements in your room can help tone down any brighter shades you might have in your space without taking away from your personality.

Pastel shades of your favourite colours can work perfectly in spaces where you introduce a little colour without things being disruptive to your sleep. You can also get creative with your nursery colours and walls – incorporating illustrations from your favourite children’s book can be soothing for both mother and baby.

If you prefer keeping the walls bare when doing a kids bedroom makeover, consider making one of the walls a gallery wall, and hanging up pictures or drawings that will add a touch of personality to the space while still keeping it adaptable for future renovation.

Having The Changing Table Essentials Prepped

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Having your changing table all set up before you go to sleep is going to allow you to have a lot less fuss and prep involved when you’re waking up in the middle of the night for a change. Leave diapers, extra bottles of milk, and all other accessories you might need for a midnight feed or change on standby so that your own sleep isn’t too disrupted as you shuffle around to soothe your baby.

Another thing to keep on standby for your own sleep is sleep accessories you know might help you get back to sleep quicker. Some people find weighted blankets really useful for this process. Make sure to keep an extra one in the nursery if your baby’s having a rough night since you can quickly switch back and forth from sleep to wakefulness with ease.

If you’re not sure you want to be going in and out of sleep so frequently through the night, investing in a good old-fashioned rocking chair can also do wonders for convenience and ease.

Using Other Sleep Tools For Your Rest

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Something else that will leave you feeling prepped and ready for those late nights with your baby is an adjustable bed frame. A highly underrated sleep accessory, adjustable bed frames come with a host of features that make them perfect for new mothers.

Figuring out how adjustable bed frames work in your space and why they’re good for new parents can be made clearer if you understand the benefits of adjustable bed frames. Adjustable bed frames are customizable to your own personal comfort.

You can use an adjustable bed frame to set the frame to be at an angle that makes feeding a lot more comfortable. Under-bed lighting allows you to leave the bed with minimal distraction or without risking disrupting your baby’s sleep cycle.

Adjustable bed frames are also just a great investment for new parents, who tend to be under more strain and pressure than normal people. Carrying around your baby all day, bending over to change their diaper, and waking up at a moment’s notice all cause the body to carry more tension in the joints.

Adjustable bed frames can solve this issue since their various default positions are designed to be useful for pressure relief specifically. You don’t need to worry about the health of your bed through this process- so long as you have the best foam mattress for the job, it can more than handle being twisted a little for the sake of your comfort.

Parenting for the first time is just one of the most rewarding things life has to offer, and the idea you can’t do it while still being well-rested is a myth. From finding the best foam mattress you can to decorating the space so it really feels cosy, once you’ve set your intentions for your space, adjusting to your new sleep schedule is going to be no different from adjusting to any other schedule that needs you to move your sleep and wake times a little.

Keeping things in the bedroom nice and simple is important when you’re setting up for your child. With a little bit of planning and organizing, you’re going to be left with the perfect bedroom for both mom and baby.

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