7 Reasons Why We Need To Help New Mothers Get More Sleep

When you bring children into the world, there are certain sacrifices you have to make. For the first few years of the child’s life, this often means losing out on your usual eight-hours of sleep per night. Ask any new mum and she’ll probably say that the sleep deprivation is worth it, but there are still plenty of reasons to help new mothers get as much sleep as possible.


If you know a new mum in need of some extra vitamin ZZZ, you will be all too familiar with the problems it can cause. It’s not like when you were younger and you’d stay up all night partying. Sleep deprivation when you’re a new mother is often the result of getting much less sleep, being more active when you’re awake, and waking often when you do manage to rest your head. Here are seven reasons we need to help new mums get more sleep.

Reduce clumsy accidents

When we are sleep deprived, we are much more likely to have accidents. So if you want to help keep the new mother safe and sound, make sure she’s getting enough sleep! When we’re tired, we’re much more likely to be clumsy, forgetful, or uncoordinated, which can lead to trips, falls and mishaps around the home.

Boost milk supplies

A new mother needs rest to be able to produce adequate milk supplies to feed their little one. If the new mother isn’t getting enough sleep, this can lead to an increase in stress which will, in turn, reduce milk output. Breastfeeding also requires a balanced and nutritional diet, but we tend to reach for foods with high calories and low nutritional value when we are tired. So, by ensuring the new mother has enough sleep, this will help to ensure she is able to breastfeed if she chooses to.

Increase healing

Immediately after giving birth, the body is still healing from the traumatic process. Whether it’s a natural birth or a cesarean section, the body needs sleep to be able to heal. When we sleep, the body heals itself, so healing will take longer if the new mum is sleep deprived. Sleep also boosts the immune system and helps her to ward off any germs or bugs, so this is another reason to make sure the new mum in your life is getting enough sleep.

Reduce irritability

We all get grumpy and irritable when we haven’t had enough sleep. This is particularly troublesome for new mums if they feel that their partner is getting more sleep. To help keep the harmony in the relationship and to prevent feelings of resentment bubbling up, it’s important to make sure new mothers are able to get some deep sleep by sharing the responsibilities. This might mean sharing the night feeds or getting up early with the child to give mum a chance to sleep in.

Strengthen your relationship

It’s no secret that having children can put a huge strain on your relationship. Partners often feel that there isn’t anything they can do, because they can’t carry the child or breastfeed, but there are still plenty of ways you can show your partner that you are working with them. Helping her get enough sleep is just one of the things that will strengthen your relationship. If you can’t remember the last time you bought a new mattress, then upgrading your bed can be a welcome gesture. Surprise her with a comfy new mattress, like one of these luxury mattresses, and she will see that you really care about her wellbeing.

Boost metabolism

A big concern for a lot of new mums is losing their baby weight. If your partner feels this way and wants to maintain control of her weight, then it’s important to ensure she is able to get enough sleep. Creating a relaxing bedroom environment which is free of clutter is essential. While the addition of a new baby might bring with it some extra clutter which you aren’t used to, try creating a baby station with all of the essentials for night feeds and changes, and then put everything else in the baby’s room.

Increase memory

Baby brain isn’t just something that new mums use as an excuse to avoid things they don’t want to do, it’s a genuine problem which lots of new mums face. While a lot of the issues are hormonal, a large part of it is also down to sleep deprivation. Everyone gets a little more scatterbrained when they are sleep-deprived, but this is magnified when dealing with post-pregnancy hormones.

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