• Relaxing

    Preparing Your New Home For Your Move

    Moving into a new home can be thrilling. Of course, there are plenty of tasks that you need to keep in the forefront of your mind before you actually make your move. A new home is a chance to start from scratch. This means that you definitely want to be sure to give yourself and […]

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  • New Home

    A New Home: Settling your Family in New Surroundings

    Moving home can be an exciting time for all the family but it does also often create a set of challenges that go beyond the logistics of moving from one location to another. A period of adjustment is normally needed once you have finished moving your family and all your possessions into new surroundings. Here […]

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  • Budget

    Why you should rent before you buy

    I love our house, and I love how we’ve made it our mission this past couple of years to turn it into our own little sanctuary from the stress of modern-day life. It wasn’t always this easy though, and I still remember all the things I had to learn when I left behind living with […]

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