72/365 – Our house in the middle of our street!


This is the view from our front windows and one of the reasons we chose the plot that we did. We liked the idea of our house looking out onto what will eventually be a ‘green’. There are 7 houses in this circle and all are occupied by young families. Over the last couple of weeks as the weather has been getting better, all of our children have been able to play out together and I can only see this getting better as the summer months arrive. Its so heart-warming to see the children on their bikes and scooters together. This weekend they all sat in the middle of the mud and made mud pies, collected stones and just got dirty! They had a blast!!! This is exactly how I imagined life with children to be, I’m also hoping that this will make it feel more like ‘home’ for Curly as he gets older and will have friends to play with when he is at our house.


The gardeners have been outside all week this week, they have planted trees, flowers and seeded the grass so I’m looking forward to seeing it change over the next few weeks.

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