Almost like a palace!

We have now been in our new house for about 2 weeks and its really starting to feel like home.  Yesterday, the tiler finished our kitchen floor and it looks amazing, we love it.  Now I just want to get through the house and give it a really good clean.  Living on a building site has its advantages and disadvantages.  Its great in that, if you need something doing you can generally stick your head out of the door, smile sweetly and hey presto a nice guy comes to your rescue.  Yesterday, I decided to give the central heating a run to be sure that all was well – it wasn’t!  The radiators upstairs worked a dream but downstairs there was no heat.  Half an hour later, after a quick chat with the site manager, a plumber was knocking on my door.  Turns out there was air in the pipes, now everything is working tickety-boo!

On a sunny day, there are some nice sights to be seen – namely the builders with their shirts off (well the young ones are nice anyway!) but the dust is just a pain in the proverbials and somehow in the last couple of days I seem to have lost all my cleaning cloths so I need to take a trip to the shops so that I can give this place a really good clean and then we’ll have a shiny new palace fit for a new baby!

Gone are the evenings of doing “jobs”, once the children are in bed we are now able to sit down and relax in the lounge – although we still have no TV as we haven’t got around to fixing up the SKY dish yet but we’ve managed to get caught up on DVD’s and paperwork which has been hanging around for a while.

I’m finally starting to feel relaxed and happy in the knowledge that once the little guy arrives, we’ll be able to relax as a family when Hubby takes his paternity leave – I’m feeling positive again and ready for the next exciting phase of our lives to begin!!

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