• Rural Setting

    Where You Live Can Influence Your Lifestyle: Here’s How

    We all live in different settings and in different places, but the one thing we don’t ordinarily think about is the effect it can have on our lives and how we live. Even though when you think about it, it can be quite obvious. We all want different things out of life, and there is […]

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  • Roof

    Roofing Materials for Your Roof Construction

    Are you deciding to remodel your home or building? If so, you have to choose the right roofing supply materials and make sure that they are cost-effective, durable and easy to install as well. Typically, roofing supply is comprised of various ranges of materials and items required for your roof construction and maintenance. Roofing supplies […]

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  • Split Level Home

    Benefits Of Buying A Split Level Home

    Homes have always been a much-anticipated construction for all. The comfort and the warmth that a home exudes make it cosy and close to heart for owners. There are many stunning designs of houses nowadays, but few designs have always stayed in the limelight and have gained much more popularity over time. Split level homes […]

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  • Planning

    How to Plan a Stress-free House Move in 2019

    If you’re planning a house move for 2019, you’ll want to start off the new year completely stress-free. By organising your move in advance, you’re less likely to come across any problems on the day. Compare My Move have put together these tips on how to ensure your 2019 move goes smoothly, from the importance […]

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  • New Home

    A New Home: Settling your Family in New Surroundings

    Moving home can be an exciting time for all the family but it does also often create a set of challenges that go beyond the logistics of moving from one location to another. A period of adjustment is normally needed once you have finished moving your family and all your possessions into new surroundings. Here […]

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  • Bathroom tiles

    Quick tips for a beautiful bathroom

    After a long and busy day, what’s better than unwinding in a bubbly tub surrounded by twinkly candles? So the last thing you want is a bathroom cluttered with kids toys and bottles galore, which completely ruin that tranquil time you had planned. These tips should help you keep that bathroom organised and functional but […]

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  • Home

    Finding simple loft conversion inspiration . . .

    We bought our house off-plan back in 2010 when we only had Curly and Little Bean with Beanie Boy cooking in my tummy. At that time we thought we would stop our family at three children so a four-bedroom home would be ample size for us. We moved in two weeks before BB made his […]

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