Where would you like to call home?

It’s a question I have asked myself many times throughout my life. When I was younger I assumed I would stay where I was and grow up in my home town but slowly over the years I have moved further away. Not so far that I can’t go back in a daytime, in fact I could be back in my home town in a little over an hour so I haven’t moved far. By and large, I like where I live now (near Peterborough), it’s a pretty central location, close to the A1 so it’s easy to get onto a good road to move up and down the Country. Peterborough itself is a modern, growing City with a pretty good road structure. You can travel around the City easily on the Parkways, we have good shops, museums, Cinema, a fantastic range of restaurants and eateries, in my days BC (before children) I enjoyed a nightlife but now of course we have children we look at the world around us differently. Nowadays, it’s more about good schools and access to healthcare, thankfully we have both and for that I am grateful.

Wanted Down Under?

Display Village

In my teenage years (and a few times since) I dreamed of going to live in Australia with the lure of the sunshine and beaches (I’m a seaside girl). It’s certainly something I have considered since becoming a Mum myself, although I admit it was watching shows like ‘Wanted Down Under’ that really fired my interest, one family were looking to move to Adelaide and I liked the look of it so I had a nosey online and stumbled across a display village in Adelaide by Lend Lease which looked beautiful, I like the idea of building a community with family living at its heart.



I have only had the privilege of visiting Sorrento once, Hubby and I stayed there for a week on our honeymoon in 2007 and it’s a place which has captured our hearts. I have always wanted to speak Italian and to travel around Italy, it’s a place which feels like it’s a part of me even though I haven’t even covered a fraction of it. When I think of Italy, I think of big families, smiling, dancing, eating together and enjoying the sunshine. Of course, it does help that it’s such a beautiful place so I wonder if I would ever get anything done living in such a stunning place, I would be out taking photographs all day long!

Family Life Index 2015

Obviously as a blogger I spend a lot of time online looking at all kinds of things and I often look at different Countries and Cities the world over (mainly on the wet and windy days) and find there are aspects of many places that I would like to live, places I would love to show my children but they all have one thing in common . . . they are a long way from home and as the saying goes;

Home is where your heart is . . .

My heart lies firmly with my family and if I couldn’t take them all with me then I wouldn’t want to go. So I guess that just means that we will have to stick to travelling wherever and whenever we can. The UK is a great place to live and it it home to some truly beautiful places and the Beans haven’t even seen half of them yet. The world is a big place and I hope to be able to show my Beans as much as I possibly can one baby step at a time.


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