I feel lucky . . .

When you move into a new house its always a bit of a lottery who your neighbours will be, sometimes you get lucky and find yourselves with a whole new group of friends and others you might never even make it to first-name terms. If you move to a new house in an established area you can do a bit of homework before you move in to see if it seems like your kind of place but when we bought our new-build house, one of the things which worried me was who our neighbours would be.

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We chose our ‘plot’ because of its location facing onto a green where all the houses formed a circle, we liked the idea of a ‘community’ and we liked the feeling of space. But the one thing we wouldn’t know until we were in our house, was who our neighbours would be??? We were the second family on the circle to move in, there were a further five houses still to be built and over the following months we saw each family move in.

In April this year we got together for a Street Party BBQ to celebrate the Royal Wedding and had a great time getting to know each other. There’s a real sense of community spirit and we all look out for each other. Our children wander in and out of each other’s houses quite freely and some of them go to the same pre-school too so they are friends in and out of school.

This weekend we took the opportunity to get together again for an impromptu BBQ and make the most of the blast of late summer we’ve had across the UK. We were able to welcome the last family to move in to our little community, we ate loads, drank loads and laughed loads. The children stayed up late jumping the night away on a bouncy castle and riding their bikes and cars around and Beanie Boy revelled in the attention from the older girls who were vying for his attention.

Mummy Matters

All of the guys have similar personalities, most of them seem to like outdoor life, sports and like to think that they wear the trousers but all the ladies know that the guys might wear the trousers but we choose them! Hey ladies?! Looking around our circle of friends, I feel lucky to have moved into such a great house and to have such fab neighbours, so this post is to you Wysteria Close 😉 here’s to many more parties and New Year with the croupiers!

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  1. Ahhh my lovely neighbour, that’s a really touching post. We feel exactly the same, we love our house and the location and we wouldn’t swap our neighbours for the world. I hope we enjoy lots of happy years together and that no one decides to move away. I look forward to watching all the children grow up together, even though I wouldn’t mind if Beanie Boy slows down 🙂

    We must have more get togethers because we love them. x

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