Counting the cost of babies

Toddler and baby

How much do babies cost?


They look at you with their saucer-wide eyes and smile as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Ahh, babies. In a loving sense they are priceless, even when they the drool on your shoulder, or fling food across your face.

Nevertheless, they still cost money – read on to see exactly how much.


Counting the cost of babies

Babies can cost from £1,600 to as much as £7,200 in their first year, excluding childcare, according to

Typical itemised costs – first year


Item Cost

Moses basket £155

Cot £285

Nursery furniture £550

Buggy £350

Baby car seat £130

Other equipment £295

Clothing £790

Milk (breast feed and bottle) £250

Food £310

Total: £3115

The Baby Cost Calculator from allows you to calculate costs in even more detail.

And one more thing to consider – the prospect of twins! If you’re blessed with ‘double trouble’, the figures above can easily multiply. Triplets? Yikes. If you’re expecting multiples, the NHS website offers an extensive planning guide and suggests several resources that could help you prepare.

Keeping costs down

Starting a family is inevitably not cheap; the costs above are ‘moderate’ compared with how much some people spend on a child in its first year.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier for thrifty parents to find great deals on new or second-hand baby gear.

From voucher websites to mummy bloggers offering their top money-saving tips, the Internet is a lot of guidance for expecting parents. Though there are certain items that usually shouldn’t be bought second-hand, such as child car seats, you can often buy other items, like toys and clothes, for far less than their original cost.

Simply spreading the word of your upcoming arrival to friends and family is often all it takes for hoards of nearly-new baby items to be sent your way. Mums and dads with toddlers are usually thrilled to see their barely-used baby items go to a good home.

Planning ahead


With a new arrival, you may also want to consider life insurance which could help your family deal with any sudden change in their finances.

Ultimately, you can never put a price on your baby’s sweet smile or chubby little cheeks. They may cost a small fortune, but as any loving parent will tell you, they’re well worth it.

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