010/365-2013 – The final countdown!!

Due Date Calendar

For the last few weeks the tiddlers have been excitedly asking me and Hubby most days “when is Jelly Bean going to come?”. When you’re talking to a 2 and 4 year old it can be quite difficult to explain about due dates and babies coming early/late. Then we struck upon an idea! In the run up to Christmas the Advent Calendars really helped the tiddlers to get an idea of how long it would be until Santa came so we decided to make our own countdown to baby calendar as a Countdown to Jelly Bean. What do you think? We have explained that Jelly Bean is SUPPOSED to come on the day marked in yellow but that actually he could come any time before then or even a few days after too. I am being optimistic and as yet haven’t actually made a calendar for February but I have made extra ‘baby feet’ stickers just in case.

What did you do to prepare your children for the birth of a new sibling?

6 thoughts on “010/365-2013 – The final countdown!!”

  1. How how lovely. I’m due around the same time, I;m due the 28th but got a section booked for the 22nd. It’s the day after my youngest’s birthday so they know that it is after that. Bless them and good luck lovely x

    • I’m slightly jealous that you know your date, although I really don’t want a section, have managed two natural births so far. Good luck to you too, hope all goes well for you x

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