038/365-2013 – Jelly Bean’s first outing

DSC09595 Hubby has been on holiday with us this week to spend time getting to know Jelly Bean and to help me out at home. Today we decided that we wanted to get out of the house and just go for a walk somewhere but we forgot how time consuming it can be with a newborn trying to get ready to go out (especially when you have a pre-schooler who still has day-time naps). By the time Beanie Boy had his afternoon nap and Jelly Bean had been fed, winded and changed it was almost 3pm so we decided that we would pick up Little Bean from school and then head to a local garden centre for a change of scenery and to get some ideas for re-doing our front garden.

Little Bean was quite taken with this giant Gorilla Seat but we thought it was perhaps a little too big for our garden!!


Then we played ‘spot the baby’ with Jelly Bean who is just visible having a ride in Beanie Boy’s Stokke Xplory (Beanie Boy was not happy and kept asking me “why Jelly Bean in my pushchair Mummy?” to which I had to point out that Jelly Bean wasn’t old enough to walk yet and if he didn’t mind Jelly Bean would like to borrow his pushchair from time to time.

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