10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day

10 tips to ensure a Good Hair Day 1

If there is one aspect of my ‘beauty routine’ that will guarantee whether I feel good or bad about myself, it’s my hair. It is pretty much the first thing that people will notice when they see you like your hair is more visible than say your make-up at a distance. I always notice others’ … Read more

Get bigger savings at Poundworld Plus

Poundworld Plus

On Friday Jelly Bean and I visited newly refurbished and renamed store, Poundworld Plus in Wisbech. It is the second Poundworld Plus to open following the Nottingham store in September. Poundworld Plus is part of the already successful Poundworld group but it’s more that just a ‘pound shop’. Approximately 75% of their products are priced … Read more

Keep Head Lice away with Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean Range

Would you believe it, we received our first letter stating ‘someone in your child’s class has reported having headlice’ within the first week of being back to school. Yes REALLY! We must receive a letter at least every other week from school and it drives me insane. Touch wood *touches wooden desk we have managed … Read more

Say goodbye to head lice with KIT & COCO

Kit & Coco

If you have children of school age then you are bound to have come into contact with head lice at some point or another. I think we managed to avoid the dreaded little mites for the first two years of primary school with Little Bean and then around the time that I dropped my guard … Read more