Keep Head Lice away with Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean Range

Would you believe it, we received our first letter stating ‘someone in your child’s class has reported having headlice’ within the first week of being back to school. Yes REALLY! We must receive a letter at least every other week from school and it drives me insane.

Touch wood *touches wooden desk we have managed to avoid the pesky little blighters thus far and I’m hoping that we manage to keep them away permanently. They are horrible for the children and they are painstaking to get rid of when you have children that don’t want to sit still so we always try to go for prevention in the first instance.

Vosene KidsEver since the Beans have been at school we have used the Vosene Kids range to keep their hair clean and headlice free, there have been times that we have dared to use something a bit different and regretted it the moment they come home saying their head is itching. We are currently using the Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean range which have include specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, containing ‘Hair Heroes’, Tea Tree and Citronella which act as natural head lice repellents. As well as keeping the little critters at bay, the Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean range leaves the Beans with super shiny and healthy looking locks which is just as well since Little Bean decided to have all of her hair cut off to go back to school. I insisted that she keep it just long enough to tie it up most of the time for school but I have a feeling it will keep getting shorter now.

My Top 3 Tips to prevent Head Lice

  1. Use Vosene Kids range – it REALLY does help to protect your children naturally and it leaves their hair looking, feeling and smelling amazing too.
  2. Keep long hair tied up or plaited tight – make it difficult for the little pests.
  3. Use a little hairspray to keep flyaway and loose hair contained

The Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean range consists of a 3 in 1 Shampoo which makes bath time quick and easy, then you can follow it up with a Conditioning Defence Spray. I find it helps in a morning to spray it onto Little Bean’s hair as a detangler and on Beanie Boy’s to freshen him up.

Recently the Vosene Kids range has been given a bit of a revamp too. They have partnered with Dreamworks animation for Trolls. The product range now features all the cute Trolls characters and include special on-pack promotion offering the chance to win your very own Trolls doll, making them even more appealing to the kids.

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