• Pancakes

    Pancakes and Pumpkins

    Mealtimes have always been a pretty stressful affair in our house with the Little Bean’s fussy eating and her younger brothers beginning to follow suit so a little over a month ago I made a stand. I drew up a meal plan for the Beans so that I would know what to cook each night […]

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  • carpet picnic

    Carpet Picnic and Movie Treat

    For the past couple of weeks I have been trialling a new Reward System with the Beans in an effort to encourage more favorable behavior from them. Initially it worked perfectly but last week was pretty much a write-off as they didn’t seem interested in even trying to move forwards on their charts. All of […]

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  • Our first time to see Disney On Ice 1

    Our first time to see Disney On Ice

    There are so many things which we would like to take our children to see and to experience, many of which we will never be able to afford with four children but sometimes the opportunity comes knocking on our door thanks to my blog so who are we to turn them down. Just after Christmas […]

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  • Playroom

    Room for change?!

    We have been living in our house for 2 years now and there is one room, in particular, that has never really worked and that’s our dining room. When we planned each room there were two rooms left downstairs, one which is designed to be a study and the other larger room as the dining […]

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  • Just call me Chef!

    After writing “can cook, won’t cook” in a few too many posts for my liking I decided to actually giving REAL cooking a go this week and I have been quite impressed with my efforts and even more impressed with the results. I have been cooking the family meals Monday to Friday for quite some […]

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