Celebrating Best Friends this Valentines with #BratzBFF


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to be solely reserved for loving couples. What better time of year to tell your #BFF (Best Friend Forever) just how much they mean to you than Valentine’s Day? Last year saw the welcome return of the Bratz girls complete with fresh new styles and … Read more

Can’t bear to part with your baby’s outgrown clothes?


If you can’t bear to part with your outgrown baby clothes (I still have 99% of all of my Beans’ outgrown clothes!!) then Oobicoo the soft toy tot is your answer. There are four Oobicoos to choose from; Ollie, Orla, Olwyn and Ed, each with their own set of interests. They are cuddly lifesize friends … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Children under £35

Christmas Gifts for Children under £35 3

Dr Who Cleric Wars App Game and QLA Device Dr Who is one of those programs that I just don’t ‘get’, never have and I believe never will. That said, Curly is a HUGE Dr Who fan and I know that he is not on his own, Dr Who fans really get into it and … Read more