my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play

It’s good to see that having two younger brothers hasn’t put Little Bean off babies for life, she is a very girly girl. She loves all things pink/purple, flowers, sparkles and baby dolls. There has been one doll in particular that she has been coveting for a while now and luckily for her I was asked if she would like to review my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play Doll. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when I told her and I’m pleased to say that we were rewarded with model behaviour for the whole day when Baby Annabell arrived in her life.

Baby Annabell Let's Play

my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play is a very cute baby doll who came complete with her own feeding bottle and toy sheep. She is dressed head to toe in baby pink but that isn’t the best part about her because she takes role play to a whole new level for Little Bean. She isn’t just a baby doll whom Little Bean can pretend is crying or cooing or laughing. my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play sucks on her feeding bottle, she burps when winded and depending on which side she is laid down on, she will even fall asleep (if only really babies were so simple!). When it comes to playtime, she will laugh out loud when held under her arms and raised into the air.

Being a big sister to two little brothers has been very good practice for Little Bean as she is very maternal and watching her with my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play  it’s clear to see that she has picked up on how I used to cradle her brothers and calm them when they were upset. I think it is a great tool for teaching compassion to others.

My only complaint as a parent is that my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play didn’t come equipped with batteries and that’s a real bug-bear for me because Little Bean was very excited to receive her only to be disappointed initially when she didn’t make all the noises she was expecting. Obviously this was all rectified the second that Daddy came back from the shops with the necessary batteries but it could have been avoided and in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t make a huge difference to the cost of the doll. So as a warning to any parents who want to put a smile on their child’s face with my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play, be prepared and make sure you have the batteries on hand!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent my first Baby Annabell Let’s Play free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


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