Millets Outdoor Explorers – Dog Walking Essentials

Millets Dog Walking Essentials1

Being a responsible dog owner means being prepared to walk your four-legged friend no matter what the weather. Luckily we are not fair-weather walkers but we do need to make sure that we have the right gear to keep us warm and dry. Millets have come to my rescue this year providing both me and Simon with … Read more

Dog Walking Life with Bramble – one year on . . .

Millets Dog Walking Essentials5

Bramble has been a member of the Mummy Matters family for over a year now and has settled in like a dream, it feels like he has always been here. That’s not to say there haven’t been teething troubles as any owner of pets will know it isn’t always plain sailing and one dog isn’t … Read more

Dog walking tips for the “Great” British outside

Dog Walking

If there’s one thing we can count on in Britain, it’s that we cannot count on the weather! While we all look forward to the summer & some of us the autumn months, we all know we are not necessarily going to see much of the sun or dry weather. When you get a dog, … Read more