• pet ideas for kids

    4 Low-Maintenance Pet Ideas for Kids

    There are very few children who don’t dream about owning a pet and while having a pet can teach kids about responsibility and dependability, as well as many other advantages, parents are often reluctant about getting one. Choosing the right pet Choosing the right pet can be a difficult process and while cats and dogs […]

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  • choosing a dog

    How to choose the right dog for you

    Today I’m handing over the reins to Lee Hobbs of First Class Dog Training.  Dobby and I have just completed a 6-week puppy course with Lee so I figured who better to give some helpful advice on how to choose the right dog for you than a professional dog trainer. Over to Lee So you […]

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  • Silentnight Pet Bed

    Review: Ultrabounce Silentnight Pet Bed

    When we brought our puppy, Dobby, home before Christmas we had already set up his crate next to Brambles in the kitchen with a small bed and blanket.  I wanted something big enough for him to sleep on but small enough to leave space in the crate for a puppy pad in case of accidents. […]

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  • Getting a pet

    5 Considerations To Make Before Getting A Pet

    Getting a pet can be the best thing you can do; it offers companionship, helps with exercise, and they really can become a true part of the family. However, there is a lot to consider before you bring your pet into your home and your life, and it’s essential that you carry out all the […]

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