What to consider when bringing a dog into your family

Is your family ready for a new arrival? No – we’re not talking about the pitter-patter of tiny feet…we’re talking about the patter of four paws! Choosing a dog can be a very difficult decision, but it can lead to one of the most exciting days of your life – when you bring home your perfect pooch! But when you have children in the house, and other responsibilities to think of, choosing the right one needs a lot of time and thought.

Important Considerations

What to consider when bringing a dog into your family

Many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing a dog to share your home and life with, including how much time you and your family have to spend with them, how much money can be spent each month on food and other expenses, and how much space is available for them to sleep. You also need to think of allergies and trips to the vet, and whether or not the novelty of having a dog will wear off…leaving you will all the responsibility.

What to consider when bringing a dog into your family

So where to start? Well, here we’ve compiled a list of hints and tips to get you started!

dog training

Choosing a dog is a very big decision and not one to be made lightly. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a dog is right for you and your family. But if you’ve already set your heart on a dog for your family, then ensure that you only deal with registered breeders or visit a rescue centre. Search puppies for sale in Manchester to get your started.

Choosing a breed

Dogs, depending on the breed, live on average around 9-12 years and all need varying amounts of exercise. If a specific breed is important to you, you have to be sure that breed will suit you and your family.

A breeder or shelter?

When you have decided on a breed, or have realised that a specific breed is not important to your family, you must decide where you will find your new dog or puppy. Purchasing a dog from a breeder will usually be quite expensive. Whereas if you adopt a dog from pet adoption centers, they will usually ask for a donation/admin fee and most dogs are usually “fixed” – saving you the cost further down the line.

Training your dog

Training your dog is one of the most important things you can do for both the dog and yourself. But remember, training isn’t always cheap – so it may be worth looking at a breed of dog that wants to learn and is easy to get along with.


You may think that a few tins of dog food may not add up too much – but if your dog is a larger breed then you may find yourself having to purchase in bulk – and if you’re hoping to buy only the best – cost is a very important factor.

Dog Walking

Above all, make sure that you and your family can give any dog, large or small the life that they deserve. Remember, a dog is the only thing in the world that will love you more than it loves itself – so treat them well!


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