• Dog walking tips for the “Great” British outside

    If there’s one thing we can count on in Britain, it’s that we cannot count on the weather! While we all look forward to the summer & some of us the autumn months, we all know we are not necessarily going to see much of the sun or dry weather. When you get a dog, […]

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  • Living Streets

    Lace up for National Walking Month 2017

    Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, is urging the public to ‘Try20’ during National Walking Month this May. The campaign encourages people to walk for 20 minutes every day throughout May and observe the big differences small steps can make. Last year, Living Streets’ Try20 campaign saw thousands of people across the UK […]

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  • 017/366 – Fffffffffreezing!

    This was the walk to school this morning, I could not believe how flippin’ cold it was!! Little Bean told me that “Jack Frost has been everywhere Mummy” and she wasn’t wrong. I forgot to take my camera with me (which is unheard of for me) but I managed to take these snaps on my […]

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  • Burghley

    013/366 – Bring on Burghley!

    Thank you to our lovely friends Karin, Ella and Sam – we had a lovely day today (although my legs are aching a little this evening!). It was a shame that MummyManda, Popsy and Boo couldn’t join us but hopefully, we’ll see you next week xx

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  • A glimpse of the old days . . .

    Would you just listen to me, I sound like a 70 year old not a 35 year old!! “oooh Gertie do you remember when we used to go over by yonder and have a twirl round the floor . . .”. Well it’s not quite like that but many moons ago when Little Bean was […]

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  • Beanie Boy’s a toddler now!

    Our little man took his first tentative steps between 10 and 11 months but since then has preferred crawling to get from A to B. Every now and then he would cruise his way around the furniture but being the fastest crawler in town he could still get around much quicker on all fours . […]

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